Už šešėlinės ekonomikos slepiasi korupcija ir žmonių apiplėšinėjimas. Tai reiškia, kad šalis vystosi lėčiau, gyventojai uždirba mažiau ir valstybė gali suteikti mažiau paslaugų savo piliečiams. Kova su korupcija, šešėlio mažinimas yra ir verslo atsakomybė. Lietuva jau pribrendo skaidriam ir atsakingam verslui.

Iniciatyvos globėja J.E. Lietuvos Respublikos Prezidentė Dalia Grybauskaitė


“CLEAR WAVE” – a transparency business-labelling initiative. The main objective of the initiative – to encourage a transparent and ethical Lithuanian business practice. Companies involved in this project assume the responsibility for the creation of a responsible and transparent way to operate, and to encourage their business partners to:

  • take transparent and fare participation in the Tenders (public procurement) – without corruption to their organizers and members of the jury, without resorting to illegal financial and non-financial measures to gain advantage against other participants;
  • comply with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania and honestly pay the fees and taxes provided;
  • maintain transparent accountability and payment to their employees.

During this project, the label of transparency in business “Clear wave” is presented to the public and businesses, popularized, spread and used. This label could become a symbolic reference point of the citizenship and transparency of a businessman. Business with the label of transparency should earn higher customer reliance, a trustworthy name in the society, and encourage companies to act responsibly. This is the first label indicating a responsible and transparent business in Lithuania.

For the first time appearing in Lithuania, a responsible and transparent business-labelling initiative started in 2007, on June 1st in 2016 transparent business initiative “Clear wave” unites 60 companies - Members.

Companies use “Clear wave” label for their products and services, marketing material. 

Patroness of the Initiative is the President of the Republic of Lithuania H.E. Dalia Grybauskaitė. The project attracted attention of the other authorities as well - the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania, Tax Inspection of the Republic of Lithuania and others.



The label: